New ‘Do

Hair loss

My one main vanity is my hair. I love my hair. But sadly it seems my hair doesn’t like me. I am 25 years old and I have bald spots.

Yes my hair will grow back. My hair lost isn’t because of genetics, it’s from improper diet. I knew I would have a hard time eating after getting my teeth removed on April 28th, but I don’t think I really knew. I used my little nubs of teeth more than I had realized. I am getting dentures, but I still have 2 more impressions to do before they are done.

So much to my husband’s and best friend’s dismay, I am seriously considering shaving my head. Or maybe a mohawk thingy. If I’m going to lose my hair, I want it to be on MY¬† terms, not my head.

I give my hair one more week, if the hair loss contuties majorly even thou I have my Boost drinks, taking extra vitamens and trying to eat more meat (my main thing I can’t eat well right now.) then my husband may come home from work one day to a shaved wife.