Hello, I’m Spider Lady. I’m a 25 year old Stay-at-home Mom of three. Bud who is 6, Sweety who is 3 and the newest Loki who is 3 months old at this writing.. In my move to North Dakota to a house larger than I’ve ever lived in, I started searching for blogs and website to help me manage my house and home. While I found sites to help me do that, I also found they didn’t really fit with what I needed or wanted. They were mainly Christian in faith, which in itself is find and lovely but is not who I am, nor my family. So I’ve started my own journey with my mom to create a site welcoming to the Pagan Homemaker!~

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  1. Wow.. Your 23?

  2. Thank goodness someone did it , i was waiting for a pagan homemaking site to pop up i love the homemaking scene and am a sahm of 2 but i get so tired of having to skim through christian homemakler sites wich more often than not offend me. I am a very tolerant person but even i can get tested at times.

    I look foward to your site

  3. As many pagan homemakers as there are out there, it is surprising that there are not that many blogs like yours and mine out there. I hope more crop up so we can all trade ideas and support!

    Good luck with your blog! I enjoy it very much!

  4. I’d like to chime in and say that I also have a pagan homemaking blog – I just found you guys and I’m definitely psyched about it!

  5. WOW! I am so happy I found this site in my adventure to find bath salts! Thanks for posting and hopefully we can all help one another!

  6. Hi there, I am looking to write a guest post for your blog, I will be happy to pay you $10 and I will write the post. The post will be a 500 word quality article about Conservatories promoting my new product line. Its not spam or anything like that. My reason for this is that I am launching a new range of products and I want to let the world know about them!

    Please let me know if this is something you would consider, also let me know if you have more home/garden/construction related blogs for me to post at.



  7. Hi! I started writing a homemaking blog that touches on paganism (we are an interfaith family), and I was looking for other pagan homemaking blogs. I’m glad I’m not alone! Are you still blogging?

  8. Hi there,

    I like your site, I thought you might want to add it to my spiritual directory to increase your viewership: http://esodates.com/spiritual-directory/

    Give it a shot!
    Best wishes,

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