Day 5 and not a whole lot.

I do have a list of possible blogs to talk about, it’s just sitting down and writing about them correctly. Mainly because they aren’t all that politically correct.

Had parent-teacher conferences tonight. Both kids are doing good, which is awesome.

Book fair was also tonight, each kid was able to get a book. When I saw a book that had a duck on the front, I asked Loki, “Do you want a duck book?”  He got a huge grin on his face and kinda did a bouncy dance. That kid loves ducks. It’s funny but in a private joke way.  Way too much information for me to share online. Sorry folks.

Hrmmm, let’s see. Until I write one of the other scheduled posts, I can’t fully explain all that is going on in my life. Soon thou.

Alrighty folks, have a good one!


One Response

  1. Glad you’re writing again! Keep at it, only if it’s to type an endless stream of curses because you can’t think of anything else! Writing is a muscle!

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