Day 3 and 4

Sorry about not posting yesterday, but sadly there wasn’t time. We went grocery shopping in the morning, and when we got home it was off to work for me. I didn’t get home until after 8pm. 

So here’s a quick post. I was going to wait until after work today but in doing that there was a possiblity I wouldn’t post at all so, yea.

This morning I’ve already did dishes, put dinner in the crock-pot. We’re having Creamy Ham and Potatoes. It’s a very yummy recipe. Even my mother-in-law requested the recipe. I kinda double/what not the recipe. I like to fill the crock-pot. There’s never any leftovers.


Sunday Sites.

1. How to create realistic fake eyeballs.

2. Cranberry Lime Vodka. Yummy sounding and would make a great gift.

3. Cake prank. I so plan on doing this to someone soon!

4. Selecting a first handgun. It’s a youtube video but still important.


There we go. Have a good one everyone!


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe! That looks yummy and I love my crockpot. I used to get that magazine years ago. I must look into it again!

  2. First handgun? Yikes. How many are we supposed to buy over the course of a lifetime?

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