Winter blues and Changes

Ah, the lovely (not) winter blues have set in on the Spider household.  Mainly me and the Hubby.  I can’t wait until we can go outside without worry about frostbite, hypothermia and the like.  I dream of green grass, flowers blooming, digging my hands into soft earth planting a garden.  Hearing the kids run around laughing and screaming with joy.  Ah, such is the life!

I’m handling the W.B. pretty well once I decided to not let them get to me, but alas they are hitting Hubby
pretty hard right now.  The constant wind here in North Dakota isn’t helping much neither.  I do what I can for him ~ like this weekend we are going to load up on orange juice with vitamin D and possibly get some multi-vitamins for him as well.

I felt the need to change the layout a bit ~ haven’t finished yet but will hopefully soon!

I’ve also decided to change my routine a bit.  Usually after everyone else goes to bed I stay up to have some peace and quiet.  I don’t go to bed until usually midnight or later.  I’m now going to try and get up when Hubby does at 5:30 am and go to bed soon after he does.  Not at the same time because he actually falls asleep faster and easier when I’m not in the bed. LOL.   With me getting up when he does ~ and the kids not normally getting up until 7:30 or later, I’ll be able to get my “quiet” in the morning ~ hopefully blogging while I drink my tea and fully wake up!

Bud awhile ago got a hold of my camera ~ me not thinking much of it except telling him to get his own ~ and lost my memory card!! The bugger!  It was an Xd card so it’s not like I can swipe the memory card out of his camera either.  So picture taking has come to a halt.  If I want to take quality pictures with my camera I can only hold like 3 pictures at a time with the built in memory ~ I can’t handle that.  So once we have the money I’m buying a new memory card!

We’ve also bought Lil’ Miss a potty chair last weekend.  She’s only 16 months old so we’re not pushing the potty issue but she has expressed the want to use the potty.  She’s very cute.  To get her to sit longer on her chair she has a “potty book”.  It’s actually Bambi but she only gets to read it when she’s on the potty.  At first she didn’t like me taking it back once she got of the potty but now she hands it to me when she gets off.

Bud is also starting to wake up dry in the morning so soon we won’t have to buy nighttime pull-ups!  I’m so happy!

Well that’s what’s happening on my side of the woods ~ how’s everyone else?


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  1. Your blog and life is very interesting 🙂 I’m glad I found it, will definitely be checking back. I am excited to see how your home will evolve too. I would love to have winters and live somewhere like that LOL.


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