Aphrodite, known as Venus by the Romans.
The Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation.

Symbols of Aphrodite:
Golden apples, dolphin, swan, dove, sparrow, bees, goats

Rose, quince, myrtle, mint, grape (the fruit, leaves and vines), articokes, laurel, ash and poplar trees

Pearls, gold, aquamarine, rose quartz, jade, sapphire, silver, and copper

Red, pink, violet, silver, aqua, pale green (seafoam), any shade of light blue.

Aphrodite was not perfect.  In a lot of ways you could see her as petty and vain, but she was loved by all.  Is it any wonder roses are a symbol of love?

Ways to bring Aphrodite into your life:

  • Slow down! Take your time, rushing can make it difficult to be sensual and caring.
  • Let yourself feel beautiful, sensual and loving ~ without feeling guilty.  Make the time to do those things that delight and please you.
  • Set aside some time each day to connect with someone  you really care about.  Even a few minutes to give them your full attention.
  • Dress up, wear something sensual, even if it’s your bright red panties under your “dress for success” suit.
  • Keep the work out of the bedroom!  Fluff up some fancy  pillows and put the scented candles all around.
  • Surround yourself with Aphrodite’s symbols.  Dress in her colors, and think of her appreciatively as you put on pearl earrings and dab on the scent of roses.
  • Turn your bathroom into a pleasure spa.  Bath oils, scented candles, bath salts ~ thickest towels you can afford and fill it with music.

Thinking of yourself as beautiful and *gasp* sexy is the key.  Forget about the stretch marks, love handles and extra weight ~ YOU are beautiful just the way you are.

Homemade bath salts:

In a large glass or metal bowl, stir together:

2 cups Epson salt or Dead Sea salt – or 1 cup of each
1-2 teaspoons of baking soda, if desired (makes skin soft.)
10-12 drops of essential oil

After you have stirred the salt really well ~ the more you stir the more the wonderful scent begins to come through ~ pour into pretty glass jars and attach lids.
Add several tablespoons of bath salt to warm water for a relaxing bath.”

You are sexy.  You are beautiful.  Just keep repeating that!


8 Responses

  1. Thanks, i’ll keep this in mind as part of my promises to myself tips and methods for this year. Blessed Be xXx

  2. she was also the goddess that salors looked to for protection, many belive beacause she was said to be born from sea foam, first part of her name: “aphro” (it means foam). she is the goddess most used in love spells

  3. Oh I have to try making those bath salts. I rarely get to take baths but if I have that I could make an excuse to have one!

  4. I really miss reading your great page, spiderlady. And answering your question, it’s me who will send you your PIF! I haven’t forgotten it, just too much started going on, and I let my friends’ gifts behind. Hope you’re patient and wait just a little bit, you will have it as soon as possible!

    Take good care and may your corner of the world is as peaceful as mine is so far.
    Kisses from Nydia.

  5. Those bath salts sound wonderful – I’ll have to make some. I really do love this blog and am adding it to my blogroll over on (http://summerfeyfoovay.com/foovays_cauldron) Foovay’s Cauldron. I would grab your RSS feed – but I can’t find it!

    BTW I am your swap partner from the Expose your blog swap at swap-bot. I’m glad we met!

  6. Cute! Is that rose made from paper? Did you make it yourself? The only origami thing I can make is paper stars, lol!
    (kiwiholly from swapbot)

  7. Very great info. I am really glad to I found this site. Thanks for sharing us informative posts.

  8. Thank you so much! love theses tips, i took a quiz on facebook (lol) and it said i woulda been her, i was shocked, then i was looking at photos of her and noticed she wasnt what society now calls “sexy” or “the perfect body” but apparently she was the most beautiful in all the lands. i have very low self esteem, but when i thought of this it made me feel better about myself, the most beautiful goddess was perhaps not the next paris hilton (not that i find her body type anything near attractive) but she was still beautiful, and people eccepted her and didnt see anything wrong with her. This is just a random thought to me. i wanted to comment, perhaps other women will notice this and feel as i do.
    blessed be lovelies!! :]

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