Saturday Ramblings

It’s a lovely cold day here.  The high today is suppose to be -2f.  That’s not including wind chill so we are staying inside the much warmer than outside house.

~ Bud’s 4th birthday is on the 21st this month so I’m trying to figure out what we’re going to get him and what we’re going to do.  Ideas so far include getting him a game for one of the game systems we have.  We have an XBOX 360, Game Cube and a PS2.  So if you know any good games for preschoolers (!) please let me know.

~Hubby still hasn’t taken the tree down yet.  I took all the decoration down yesterday so all he has to do is take the tree apart and put it in the box.  Though he did clean the basement so I can’t complain too much.

~ Lil’ Miss is teething.  She has two teeth coming in right now, with another two thinking about it.  It’s causing for late nites.

~ Speaking of which, Hubby and Bud watched Jason goes to Hell today. (!) 1. I hate, hate horror movies.   2. I told hubby he gets to get up with Bud in the middle of the night.

~ I’m making some fingerless gloves to send to work with my neighbor to sell.  I made my neighbor a pair for X-mas and all her co-workers love them so I figured I’d make a few and see if they sell.  If they do, Great!, if they don’t, oh well I tried.

~ I haven’t done dishes yet today and I really need to because Hubby wants enchiladas.  With green chilies.  That man and his spicy food.  When we decided to move up here, we would laugh thinking about the kids friends, when they get older, coming over for dinner.  I’d make some type of Mexican food and the friends would end up running around with fire coming out of their mouths and tears down their face from the heat.

Well I’m off to do dishes, crochet some more, and start dinner.  Hope you all have a good day!


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  1. Awesome that your trying to sell the gloves. A few friends saw the girls’ last night and have requested some. I may have to go that route just to afford the yarn lol.

    Thanks a bunch for the directions!!! That is helping alot. I grabbed a Crochet Today mag and they have how to do the different stitches so I think between that and your directions I can get it figured out.

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