Kitchen Tip Tuesday

Evaporated Milk.  That is my tip.  Well in part 🙂  Did you know you can use evaporated milk in everything you use regular milk in?

  • Use equal parts evap milk and water (for example: 1/2 cup evap milk + 1/2 cup water = 1 cup milk)
  • If you use a 5 oz can of evap milk (or a little less) instead of milk in mac & cheese, it comes out much creamier.
  • I use evap milk in homemade mash potatoes as well.
  • My dinner rolls and bread comes out much lighter when I use the half water/half evap milk.

Don’t forget to check out Tammy’s Recipes for more great tips!


2 Responses

  1. I use in the place of cream all the time, especially when I make my own gravy.

  2. Great idea to use it in rolls. I hate recipes that only use part of the can and I try to not make them, but now I have some other ways to use it. Thanks!

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