Long Hair Care

    I currently have the longest hair I have had since I was 12 years old.  When my hubby and I got back together almost 5 years ago I had a hair length of about 6 inches.  Yes 6 inches.  My hair is now currently past my bra. (any wonder how many blog hits I will get because of that word? 🙂  )

    These past few years I have learn a few tricks with dealing and taking care of long hair that I am going to share with you.

  •      I currently wash my hair at the most of twice a week.  Over washing weakens my already damaged hair.

  • I deep condition my hair once a month.  I use this: 
     It is a 3 minute masque that works wonders!
  • Whenever I wash my hair I also use this:
     A nice leave in conditioner that makes my hair nice and smooth.  I even use it on Lil’ Miss’s hair after her bath to make her hair easier to brush – without having to worry about it getting in her eyes from rinsing.

  • About every 3 months I change the brand of shampoo I’m using.  I go from cheap to more expensive.  I don’t run out of shampoo before I change, but I change brands to reduce the build up on my hair.  After a time all shampoos leave a residue on the hair, by changing brand (not just scent) you can remove old build up, cleaning your hair better.

  • Rinse the conditioner out of your hair using as cold of water as you can.  The colder the better.  Your hair comes out shinier and smoother.  Really it does!

  • NEVER, NEVER brush your hair while it is wet.  You will split and break your hair faster than ever.  If you must, comb your hair with a wide tooth comb.  It is much gentler on your hair.

    Here are some other tips I have found over time.  Some I’ve tried, others not yet.

  1. Wash only the roots of your hair, and condition only the ends.  Reason:  The roots are the greasiest, a the ends are the driest. I must admit I’ve does this to a degree of success, but it does take a while to fully work.  You have to give your hair time to adjust

    2. Wash your hair with a paste of baking soda (equal parts of                 water and baking soda), rinsing with apple vinegar.

    3. Don’t wash your hair at all.  Just brush it mainly times from root to tip.  Remember the          Brady Bunch when Marsha was counting brushing her hair?  100 times for each side is         what she did.  There is some truth to that.  It takes the oils from the roots of your hair         down to the tips. I do a version of this, I just can’t NOT wash my hair.  Just can’t do it.

    I don’t blow dry my hair, but then again I’m a SAHM so I have time to let it air dry.  These tips are just what I’ve found to work with my hair.  You may have to tweak them to fit your hair and your lifestyle.  Nobody’s hair is the same as anyone else.  Although I must ask, Does anyone have a tip to help stop shedding?????? I swear I must be going bald with as much hair I lose brushing or washing my hair.  It’s everywhere!!!!


3 Responses

  1. I used to have dreads and fibre extensions at one time and a friend told me to avoid using shampoo or any products, as you said, there is a build up of products which can start to smell. (yeugh).
    A lady who had dreads for years told me that NOT washing your hair was better and if you felt desperate then witch hazel on cotton wool to clean the scalp whenever helped. It worked without a doubt. There is no smell and my hair was the strongest it had ever been.
    It’s the THOUGHT of unwashed hair that’s the hard bit, after a few weeks the hair self cleans apparently (or something like that), it just depends if you can go through the mental torture of the knowledge that you haven’t washed your hair! Good luck!!!

  2. I am happy to have found this blog on hair care, I do dye mine a purple red and in 2000 I actually shaved my head – it has since grown back now to waist level. I cant do the not washing thing because my scalp itches like crazy when i have tried it. but it is so long that I wash the scalp more than the rest it is such a pain to let it dry but my hair hasnt seen a dryer in forever,Lin

  3. I just wanted to say that i have to wash my hair every other day because my hair is long pass my bra but anyways on top of my hair say oily thats why i have to wash it every 2 days . can you tell me what kind of shampoo should i use for my hair . another question is it good to keep your hair down at night while im sleeping or pin it up at night .

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