Crafts I plan on doing

Who doesn’t like to do crafts?  Me, well I use to not like doing them.  I always had the little voice in my head going, “You can’t do it right so why even try?”  Well I’ve gotten over that little voice.  It started with crochet.

I got this little book here:

And taught myself to crochet.  I haven’t actually finished many projects yet but I do love to do it.  The projects I have finished, don’t actually stay in the house too long because I send them out in swaps or as gifts.  The main thing that does stay in the house is washcloths.  Hubby and I both agree, they are much, much better than the poufs.

From crocheting, I’ve started to dabble back into sewing.  Not a whole lot mind you but some.  The sewing machine is very handy for sewing purse linings.  I have a simple Brother brand sewing machine that was on sale at Wal-mart.  If I start to really get into sewing I may upgrade but my machine works for me now.  I have started to think about quilting but I want to wait until I have a rotary cutter and a mat.  Little by little.

I have as well started to bead a bit.  Mainly to make crochet stitch markers.  In crochet the stitch markers need to be removable unlike with knitting where they just need to be big enough to go around the knitting needles.  In the small kit I bought at Wal-mart, there came the findings for earrings.  So one thing led to another and I am currently making my MIL a pair of earring for Christmas.

I also dabble in embroidery and cross stitch.  I did more of this before I found crochet but I still do it once in a while.  I do dabble in a lot don’t I?

So those are the current crafts I do now.  Now here’s the list I want to at least try, if not keep doing:

Container Candles.

Duct Tape Roses.

Secret Poptop Cans.

Matchbox Drawers.


I have big hopes and goals.  But I’m not rushing myself either.  I don’t want to spend lots and lots of money on different crafts and hobbies and then not have the time or the thrill to do them.  So I wait and bide my time until the deals on whatever I may need for any of the above crafts (doing or want to do) drop in my lap.


3 Responses

  1. I feel a bit like you, i would love to be a talented crafter but sadly i’m not. The skills required to make crafty things are something i’ve never mastered. In high school we used to do needlework and actually had a classroom full of sewing machines – fab eh? – BUT i’m left handed and Mrs. Brown (our lovely quietly spoken needlework teacher) saw me in our second lesson, the first consisting of all the rules and regulations we had to follow with no actual contact with a machine, and immediately took me away fro the machine and told me that i couldn’t use a machine as i ‘fed’ it woth the wrong hand. Great. I’m sure today that attitude would cause uproar but it put me off crafting for many years. Maybe one day i’ll pluck up the courage to find a class and start my crafting journey there….

  2. I also don’t craft because I’m not very good at it. But I am n a jewelry making class right now and even though my projects aren’t perfect, I am proud of all the hard work I put in.

  3. I love craft! I wish I had more time for it though! Cross stitch is my favourite,knitting and crochet second and sewing occasionally (Im not too patient with that for some reason) I also like to paint and draw but don’t do it much.

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