Back into the Swing of things

Well after the fun last week, it’s time to get back to homemaking! (the cheers you hear are completely sarcastic)

I hate keeping house but love a clean house so what’s a female to do?  Swing into it!  So here’s what I am currently trying to do.
1. Do dishes every morning and throughout the day.
2. Pick up after the kids go to bed, before I get to do anything “fun”
3. Do at least one load a laundry a day (which we have a dryer now! yay!)
4. Not sit at the computer all day! (this a big thing for me, I love me’s internet!)

This has gone a long way so far, I just hope to keep it up.

With the upcoming holidays I’ve been crafting up a storm.  I have a doll to make for my niece ~ I also want to make one from Lil’ Miss but I’m not pushing myself.  I have to figure out what to make/buy for my younger brother and sister.  And then the rest of the family! Oh fun! 🙂

My craft room is almost finish!  All the painting is done, just have to get more peel and stick tiles.  So far the room has only cost us $18.  2 cans of knock of paint, and the painting tools.  The rest of the paint came from our neighbor ~ old paint she needed to get rid of anyways.  The flooring is going to put us back $44 but that is the cheapest way.  We’re slowly fixing the house to a more livable setting ~ as cheaply as possible because in just over 2 years the house will be paid for and in our name (long story).  When that happens we plan on getting a home improvement loan to totally redo this house.  We want access to the top part of the house.  We only live on the first floor of the house because the upstairs is all apartments that you can only get to from the outside.  But we have big, big plans.

I will post pictures of the kids T & T as soon as I get them off my camera.  Lil’ Miss was a little witch and Bud was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.  It was kinda scary to think that his costume was a 7-8 in size and I didn’t need to take it in any.  He’s not yet 4 years old!!

So question time:  Since I’m kinda running out of ideas here, what would YOU like to see here?  I am completely open to suggestions.

See you on the flip side!


6 Responses

  1. I’m such a computer junkie! If I let myself, I’d just blog hop all day. To keep myself on track, I allow myself 10 minutes of computer time (with the kitchen timer set, lol!) after each daily project is done. Dishes done and kitchen tidied? 10 minutes of computer time. Timer goes off, I run and straighten and wipe down the bathroom, throw all the wet towels down to the laundry. 10 minutes computer time. Run the vacuum…you get the idea! It makes cleaning more fun for me (like a race to see how fast I can get back to the computer) and gets everything done.

    I also do one “big” chore a day, so it all doesn’t sneak up on me – things that only need done once in a while – dusting book shelves, scrubbing down the shower stall, clearing out a closet.

  2. That’s amazing, a big transformation for less than $20. I am totally impressed! I’m not a big winter solstice person and so my crafting seems to have come to a dead stop. Would love to see what you’re working on!

  3. Craft info is always nice…. I never seem to find time for my sewing anymore! I am always interesting in how other people get organized and in what they eat and what they read! I am just a nosy person in general! LOL

    Congrats on the craft room! I am working on mine but until my DH gets all of his musical equipment out it is just too cramped to work int here…. sigh….

  4. Not spend all day on the pc.. Yeah.. Same problem here..

  5. Yea I am internet junkie too…my biggest weakness is the Religion and Spirituality section of Yahoo!Answers. During the week I probably spend more time than I should and I haven’t figured out a plan for it. Weekends though I alternate my comp time with tv time and chores. Like I get a chore done and then get some time to play a game online. Then I may take a “break” to watch a show (I don’t have many that I really want to watch) and during commercial breaks I tidy up. Seems like the more I break up my day…the more I get accomplished. Now I just need to learn how to stay off the internet at work lol.

  6. I make a playlist and save it. I do certain chores on certain days when possible. Before my boyfriend lived with my, every Sunday was my cleaning day where I would start by putting a load of laundry in, dusting and vacuuming (2 times a week) and the rest of the time just simple tidying up and taking out trash. I use plastic boxes to keep organized and put projects (my large ones) in a cycle order so I don’t lose interest. Now that my boyfriend is here, we tidy up each night (both of us LOVE clutter and its too much) and we save getting on the computer and video games until after dinner time when we relax. It usually is our way of winding down before bed…along with a cup of tea…

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