2nd Giveaway!!!!

I’m feeling generous, so much that I’m hosting another giveaway!!!

I learned to crochet at the beginning of the year and I love it.  That and I love YARN!

So I am going to send someone yarn.  But not just any yarn, yarn YOU choose from Yarntopia Treasures.

Yes you get to choose any ONE (1) item from Yarntopia Treasures and I will buy it and have it sent to you.

Here’s what you need to do:
1.Go to Yarntopia Treasures and take at look at their selection.

2. Come back here and comment telling me what you would choose if you won.  (don’t worry you can change your order afterwards as well)

3. One comment per person.

4.  Winner will be chosen Nov. 1. by random.org.

Have fun!

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73 Responses

  1. This is a tough choice I am torn between Fern Grove, River of Lights and Bumble Bee.

  2. Hi, I love to crochet although I’m not great at it yet. I looked at the all of the yarn selections and I think I would choose the Handpainted Soft Rayon Boucle Yarn THINK PINK. Thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway!

  3. I’d have to pick Handpainted Bulky Cotton Chenille Yarn ROYALTY. My BFF knits beautiful afghans and with her birthday coming up in December it would be a wonderful gift. Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  4. I’d love Handpainted Worsted Weight Felting Wool Yarn FERN GROVE 🙂

  5. Handpainted Bamboo Cotton Blend Yarn VANILLA ROSE!

  6. I like Handpainted Bamboo Cotton Blend Yarn TURQUOISE.

  7. I love pretty greens so I like the Handpainted Soft Lace Wt. 10-2 Tencel Yarn in emerald.

  8. I absolutely love and am dying to win for this:
    Handpainted Soft Cotton Rayon Blend Chenille DREAMSCICLE

    That is just perfect and so creamy looking!!!! LOVE IT!!

  9. PINCUSHION is my favorite, love this giveaway thank you!

  10. I am new to crocheting and would love to try a new yarn! I think the Worsted Weight Felting Wool Yarn SANGRIA looks pretty.

  11. Handpainted Soft Cotton Flannel Yarn DREAMWORKS…. beautiful!

  12. oh. my. gosh. this yarn has me shrieking with glee. SO GORGEOUS!!! I looooooove the Soft Bamboo Cotton Blend – Shark Tale! as well as a million zillion others. they all look so soft and yummy and fun to work with and new projects keep popping into my head as I look at them, which is really a bad thing considering how many projects I have going at the moment! *pant, pant*

    thank you for a chance to win!! but even if I don’t, this is my new favorite etsy site. off to go drool summore…

  13. I love to crochet and I love yarn! I would pick the Handpainted Soft Cotton Boucle Yarn Visionary.

  14. I like the Tencel Olive Oil yarn! Thanks for the chance to win!


  15. I’d pick the egyptian cotton shark tale yarn. Great giveaway!

  16. I just learned how to crochet (Thanks, Mom!!!) and trying to make something for my sister for Yule. I love the Handpainted Soft Lace Wt. 10-2 Tencel Yarn CHERRY. It’s right up her alley!! Thanks for the giveaway!


  17. If I had to choose right this second I would pick STARBURST because it makes me think of springtime and new beginnings – dyed eggs, flowers and dawn’s fresh light.


  18. Handpainted Soft Bamboo Cotton Yarn OLIVE OIL.
    Bamboo would be great for my dad who is allergic to wool. He is into the natural fibers.
    Thank you

  19. These are so lovely, and I’ve been wanting to knit another pair of socks. My favorite is this one:


    The colors in SIDEWINDER are my favorite–blues and greens, but I also like PICK ME with its reds and purples.

    You’re too generous to buy one for us! I hope I win!

  20. Oh boy, I’m a wool fool, so I’d choose the worsted weight wool Fern Grove. Beautiful yarn!

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  21. This is a hard decision! I think I would pick the Shark Tale Handpainted Soft Lace Wt 10-2 Tencel Yarn – the colours are gorgeous! 🙂

  22. Lovely yarn! Love it! I would choose, but might change my mind…. b/c I’m like that… Fern Grove wool. Thanks!
    Robin – cokelush at gmail

  23. I love the fern grove worsted weight wool yarn! so pretty.

  24. I love yarn too! I think my favorite is the Lemon and Lime yarn.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  25. i like the egyptian cotton yarn. i like a lot of them, but too bad i’m not crafty 😦

    Great giveaway! I hope i’m the lucky winner!

  26. What gorgeous yarns! I have recently begun to crochet also and am excited about all the beautiful choices of yarns to work with. I would choose Handpainted Worsted Weight Felting Wool Yarn FERN GROVE. I would love to make some warm scarves in this lovely color palette. Thanks for the giveaway~

  27. They are all so beautiful! Handpainted Soft Bamboo Cotton Blend Yarn BUTTERCUP is definitely my favorite color combination…and bamboo….ahhh so lovely.

  28. If I won I would go with the Visionary. My daughter loves purple and I need to teach her to crochet (although all I can make is a blanket) so this would be awesome.

    Way to go on another giveaway!

  29. I like the cherry yarn item number 16551526

  30. I would choose Handpainted Egyptian Cotton Yarn DAZZLE.

  31. I would choose the Handpainted Soft Cotton Boucle Yarn PANSY. The colors are super!

  32. Lovely yarn, and the prices are very affordable too, thanks for the link!

    I would choose Handpainted Soft Lace Wt. Tencil yarn in Emerald!

  33. I am getting into knitting (and I crochet also). I would love the BERRY RUM bamboo cotton blend.

  34. It’s so hard to choose but I think my favorite is Handpainted Soft Rayon Boucle Yarn AFRICA

  35. Those are all beautiful yarns. I would want the Autumn worsted weight wool. Beautiful colors that just speak to me.

  36. Love the bamboo cotton blend yarn “Starbucks”.


  37. The bumble bee!!

  38. All I can say is WOW! What beautiful colours!I think I would pick the marigolds,it was just so pretty!

  39. wow every thing looks nice and well i love to win this and well if i do can i pick them out then thanks

  40. I liked the Soft Rayon yarn in North Shore the best, but it was hard to choose.

  41. I’d love to win this I bought my hubby a Buffalo Sabres jacket for Christmas and with the Handpainted Bamboo Cotton Yarn BUMBLEBEE, I could make him a scarf to match it.

    Her yarn is beautiful, I love the color schemes.

  42. I looked around and the first one just grabbed me, the New York one. I love it!

  43. I love the colours of the SILK SOCKS Tencel Yarn! Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. shark tale or cherry

  45. Great giveaway. I would pick the tencel Visionary. I am sure it has great drape and would make a beautiful scarf or small stole.

  46. I think my favorite is the wool Autumn. But it’s hard to pick!!!

  47. I love the lemon and lime.

  48. That was difficult to choose just one. I’d have to go with the Cotton Flannel Boucle Lilac or Soft Lace Tencel Starbuck’s. The latter being at the top of the list, but a tough choice.

  49. Egyptian cotton shark tail yarn. skyskyaa11(at)gmail(dot)com

  50. I love to crochet and all those yarns just look divine – very hard to choose one but I’d have to go with the Soft Rayon Boucle Yarn in the color “He Love me Not”. Wonderful giveaway! Thanks

  51. Wow, nice shop! That is awesome that they offer custom dying! I want the Bamboo Cotton Bumblebee yarn. Thanks for the giveaway and introducing me to a new Etsy shop!

  52. The chenille yarn in Irish Luck is gorgeous. Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. I love the Handpainted Soft Lace Wt. 10-2 Tencel Yarn OLIVE OIL.

  54. I would love the Handpainted Soft Cotton Chenille Yarn! How fantastic! Thank you for this giveaway; I hope I win 🙂
    eyeslikesugar (at) gmail (dot) com

  55. OMG they are all lovely. If I needed o choose one right this moment it would be Handpainted Bamboo Cotton Yarn SEVENTH HEAVEN. I do hope I win.

  56. What a fantastic store! I want it all!! But I’d choose Handpainted Soft Lace Wt. 10-2 Tencel Yarn PETALS.

    Hope I win!


  57. I think I love New York best!!!!

  58. The Handpainted Egyptian Cotton Yarn SHARK TALE looks amazing, thanks!

  59. The Handpainted Soft Lace in Sidewinder reminds me of nature…water and leaves…and I love how calming it is.

  60. I think I would be blessed by the Handpainted Rayon Eyelash Yarn Animal Kingdom…thank you for being so generous…cvdmvega@yahoo.com

  61. I love the Handpainted Soft 10-2 Tencel yarn Icicles – the blues are so beautiful in this yarn and blue is my favorite color.

    Thanks so much for this lovely giveaway!
    Nancy @ Homemade Blessings



  62. It’s so hard to choose one! I like the Rayon Boucle Yarn ARCTIC ROSE

    Thank you so much for doing this giveaway 🙂

  63. Handpainted Bamboo. These are so unique!

  64. I like the Handpainted Soft Cotton Chenille Yarn BABY BOY

  65. Handpainted Bamboo Cotton Yarn SCARLET ROSE

  66. Love yarn! So many great colors. I think my fave is the Handpainted Soft Cotton Chenille Yarn JAMAICA

  67. I would choose the Fern Grove. Great prize!

  68. The cotton chenille in Jamaica is awesome. Thanks!!

  69. SO many to choose from. I’ll go with Desert Locust.

  70. I would choose Handpainted Egyptian Cotton Yarn DAZZLE although it was very difficult to pick one! They all look so wonderful

  71. They are all so nice its hard to choose! But I think I would go for the Cotton chenille in Jamaica!

  72. How am I suppose to pick one!!
    Handpainted Soft Cotton Rayon Blend Chenille DREAMSCICLE

  73. If the contest is still going on, I would love the chance to win:

    Handpainted Soft Cotton Boucle Yarn JAMAICA

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