Samhain is just around the corner.  Yays!!!  This weekend we as a family are roasting marshmallows and hot dogs with our neighbor, in a fire pit grill thingy that she has had 3 years and never used.  All of us will then write down our resolutions and put them in the fire to celebrate Samhain a little early.  I am so lucky to have a neighbor, who is a different religion – has no problem help us celebrate ours.

While Samhain is a time to think towards the new year it is also a time to reflect on the past – namely on those who have past before us.  Some may go to the graveyard and commune with those there – if I did that in our small town graveyard, I think I may have a lot of questions asked of me.  While I have no problem talking about my beliefs, we are still consider “unknown” in this very small Christian (is that spelled right? It looks funny.) town.  You can also commune with your own ancestors and past relatives in your own home.

I am not doing the above for a very basic reason….I feel no need to disturb those past.  I have never been close to my family, those alive or dead.  I do plan on making my resolutions and putting a few treats out to appease the spirits and to keep them out of my house.  I may do more in the coming years but this year I feel this is a good start.

What are you doing for Samhain?  Do you have any special rituals you are doing this year?


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