Tackle it Tuesday

Every Tuesday 5 Minutes for Mom makes housework blog-able with a meme aptly named “Tackle it Tuesday”.

A few weeks ago they asked their readers if anyone wanted to try this new CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner and do a tackle on it.  They would even send the CLR to you.  Who am I to pass up free stuff right?  Imagine my surprise when I actually got a FULL size bottle!

So onwards to the tackle!

First was the toilet ~ no there is no picture, be thankful! ~ OMG!! This stuff works great!!!!  And the kicker?  It actually smells great as well!

Second was the tub ~ again no picture ~ I live in a very old house with very old plumbing, add to that, my husband works over 12 hours in concrete and dirt, in addition to that we don’t have a shower, only a tub.  All that equals to a very very dirty tub.  The CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner took all the grime, rust and build up right off.  Seriously!  With like no elbow grease!

Third was the stove.

I can't believe I'm showing you this!

I can’t believe I’m showing you these pictures!
dirty stove!

dirty stove!

I am a very messy and lazy cook.  But look at the wonders of CLR!
The rest of the black on there, will never come off.  Remember i live in a very old house….god only knows how old the stove is!
Again, very very easy!  I didn’t even have to scrub ~ which is a good thing, because I hate to scrub!
I even lent the CLR to my neighbor who had some grout cleaning to do in her tub, and as soon as she sprayed on the CLR you could see it working ~ before she even started scrubbing!  As soon as this bottle runs out, I’m so buying more!

8 Responses

  1. Nice! I love how it feels to get all that gunk off… 🙂

  2. Great tackle! 🙂

  3. What an amazing product this is I’ve seem all CLR tackles and I am so envious!

  4. Great tackle!

  5. Great tackle and great review:-)

  6. I didn’t care for it. Glad it worked for you tho!

  7. Good job! I never even though about the stove, I’ll have to try it there next. 🙂

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