With Samhein coming up, divination plays a big part in a lot of rituals.

 One of the way to do that is with tarot cards.  But what if you don’t have any?  Easy use playing cards.
Sarena’s Tarot shows how.  Of course it is only a very general guide but at least it gives you a guide.

Mrs.B. shows how you to use pumpkin seeds to make your own runes. Here’s what the runes mean and here’s how to read them.  Another good site on how to read runes.

You also have pendulum divination.

Wikipeda has a list of common divination methods.

You can do any, all or none of these.  It’s what feels right to you.  But if you do happen to get the winning lottery numbers, feel free to share with me!


2 Responses

  1. what about scrying….lol had to give you hard time…your mom scrying with mirrors and u dont include it….lol

  2. HAHAHAHA way to get on her mom!

    My favorite form of divination is the pendulum although I haven’t gotten past simple yes or no questions.

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