I learned about something new this week! Don’t you love it when that happens?

Mandala :
The word comes from the Indian language of Sanskrit, it loosely translate to mean “circle”.  A Mandala is a complex circular design, inteded to draw the eye inward to the center.  Tibetan monks create sand mandalas to show the impermanence of life.  Ancient Tibet, they would use colored sand made of crushed semiprecious stones.  The tradition continues today as the monks travel to different countries to create sand mandalas and educate people about the culture of Tibet.  After the creation of the sand mandala, which requires many days and hours to create, the monks gather in a colorful ceremony, chanting in deep tones as the sweep their mandala into a jar and empty it into a nearby body of water, as a blessing.

Buddhist Tantric Diagrams:  Is a great website, it shows how they set up their mandalas, why they are set up that way. Very detailed!

Exotic India: A very detail history of the mandala from the India history.

And of course another good website.

Suite 101 has lessons from coloring mandalas.

The Berzin Archives : The meaning and use of a mandala.

Can’t forget the kids!  Activity Village has mandala coloring pages.

Coloring Castle has more coloring pages.

30 Minute Mandalas: If you can color … you can meditate!

Wicca spirituality as a personal mandala starter kit….soon.

You can create your own mandala, whether you believe you are creative or not, it is the thought, the means behind it.


4 Responses

  1. I love seeing various mandalas. In my World Religions class we recently covered Hinduism and mandalas were mentioned. Some of the photos were breathtaking! I remember thinking, I could NEVER be able to create a mandala, lol.

  2. This blog is great! I’m going back and reading over the older entries and enjoying your writing very much. Thanks for the links to the mandalas to color. Ella will love them, and actually so will I and my husband. We all like to color–find it very relaxing and meditative!

  3. I love coloring mandalas! It’s a complete meditative thing. Also, I like coloring, lol!

  4. When I was a teenager my brother gave me a 3-D mandala, and it used to be soothing to play with it while meditating. I would e it at school while making my exams. I miss that. Thanks for the coloring ones, so cool!

    Kisses from Nydia.

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