In Awe

I am in awe right now at the generosity of people.  As you saw in the other post we got snow this weekend.  This weekend I also did a lot of baking, there was a reason for that.  We didn’t have a working furnace.  Yea cold.  We had a space heater in the kids bedroom so they were warm at night and at nap times.  And we just got a larger space heater for the living room, that kept the living room at a warm temp than with out it but with 5 windows and a front door (in a very very old house) the living room was hard to keep warm.  So baking kept the oven on to help heat the house.

Well today my neighbor’s father came over with a guy from the gas company and fixed our furnace.  !!!!!  When I went over to my neighbor’s house to find out what he like, as in treats ~baked goods, you know something to pay in back in a little way.  She grinned and said “He likes that you have heat.”

I’m just not use to this kind of niceness.  It makes me believe maybe, just maybe that the world really isn’t a horrible place, and that maybe we as a society won’t kill ourselves over pettiness after all.


3 Responses

  1. How wonderful!!

    We had a friend “anonymously” pay a $400 bill for us. She won’t admit it but given specific circumstances we know it was her. In return we have been giving her gift cards to her favorite restaurant. Perhaps you can make a batch of cookies or brownies and have the kiddies take them over (people won’t say no to kids!)?

  2. The generosity of people is amazing. Stories like this help keep my faith in humans up!

  3. What a beautiful suprise you had. Keep your faith in this world, I still do… Exactly when I think the world is full of mean people, something happens to remind me that there are people and people.

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