It was a cold and dreary day in Small Town, North Dakota.  Monster Mash was playing on the t.v., mac & cheese was being eaten, while the youngest ran round screaming and yelling to her hearts content.  The mother sat, freezing her fingers off, trying to figure out what to post on her blog.  How will our heroine survive?  Will she be able to keep her fingers from frost bite?

Sorry, it came to me and I thought it would be a funny into to the blog. There is talk about snow this weekend.  Yes I said snow.  In October. SNOW!!! Brr to the extreme! I am not ready for snow yet, I was thinking November at the earliest.  Oh well, if it snows it snows.  I do hope to get into town tonite/this weekend.  Our nearest “big” town is 30 minutes from us and I don’t drive so I have to wait until hubby gets home.  But if it is snowing or raining real hard, we’re not leaving home, no thank you.

So the plan this weekend is just to stay warm.  Warm is good!  What is everyone doing this weekend? Any Halloween parties?


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  1. Hi there! That’s a fun start for a posting! :o)

    Seems like the weather is crazy all over the world. Here in Rio we’re facing a weird Springtime, with cold weather and heavy rains…
    On Sunday we celebrate Children’s Day, so I do hope the sun is kind enough to show up. Otherwise we’ll have to imagine something else to entertain our little witch (if you read my last post, you’ll see I’m getting worried for nothing, he’ll have fun anyway…).

    Hope you have a great non-snowing weekend!

    Kisses from Nydia.

  2. Wow, snow! We won’t be looking at snow at least until January. No parties for us this weekend. We all are battling those nasty change-of-season colds, us parents are struggling moreso than the children. I did manage to get our coffin painted, our party is in 2 weeks!

    How about you, got anything planned?

  3. BTW come by and check out my latest blog post. There is something waiting for you there!

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