Life of a homemaker.  Cleaning.  I swear I hate cleaning!  Always have, but then again,  I love the look of a clean house.  It makes me feel good. A clean kitchen?  Makes me feel like I actually did something.  A clean desk?  Makes me want to create. (Am I the only one that crafts while on the computer? lol)  But it’s the whole “stop having fun” to work.  I’ve tried Flylady, and while the concept of the control journal is great and works for lots of people, does not work for me. 
    I’ve tried Motivated Moms, who has printable chore planning system.  They do have ones for bible reading but also have ones without.  I bought 2008 planner when they had it on sale and yet, it still haven’t worked.  I love the idea of it but it’s not effective for me because I don’t do/have half of the things they have on the list to do.

    DIY Planner also have great, great printable forms for everything!  And again didn’t work well for me.  Although I may try them again for NaWriMo next month.
    So what do I do now?  Well since my husband doesn’t get home until almost 7:30 at night, I get dishes (except dinner dishes) done before he gets home.  Dishes are my number 1 hated chore, so every time I go into the the kitchen (which I have to go through every time I lay down Lil’ Miss down for a nap or to use the restroom) I do some dishes.  A little at a time gets them done! (:) )
    Laundry. Ugh, I do not have a working dryer so I have to hang my clothes on a line in the basement (it’s too cold to use the outdoor line).  On top of that, when using the washing machine I can not do any other water use, because my water pressure does not exist.  I can only do one load a day, because that is all the clothes the line can hold.  And it takes almost a full 24 hours to dry, so I do a load when I wake up.  I may some times take forever to put the clothes away but hey, they are clean and not on the couch!
    All the kids toys are out here in the living room/computer/playroom (it’s hard to describe the house setup).  Every once in a while during the day I’ll start shoving the toys toward the toy box and both Bud and Lil’ Miss will start putting the toys away.  I’m really bad about picking up the living room because well, I have no guests, ever.  And the kids will just get all the toys out again the next day.  But every weekend we do a good deep cleaning of the living rooms.

    And here’s the real secret:  As long as there is no trash, mold or bugs, you do not have to have a “perfect” clean home.  If you and yours are healthy and happy, guess what?  Your life works!  Your kids have time with Mom?  So what if they get dirty! Time with Mom is more important!

    So if you only make sure to a little cleaning at a time, even if it’s only one thing, you are still cleaning and that’s all that counts!



4 Responses

  1. You’re absolutely right – time with mom is more important than a clean house. Kids will remember time spent playing tag in the yard before they remember that the kitchen was real sparkly! It does get easier to have both when the kids are all in school, though!

    I used to resent the housework a lot more – then I found this great site on kitchen witchery — all about making household chores magical and doing them to honor your house deity and to honor your family. It changed how I thought about it all :O)

  2. I hate housecleaning too! Especially the bathroom. I have now gotten into the habit of everyone cleans together. This way it gets done quicker and we can all spend more time having fun together. Sometimes I still get the moans and groans…then the kids might join in with me lol. But for the most part it works for us.

    I do have a calendar hanging up on my fridge. I have a list of sorts of what needs to be done each day and who does it. If everything gets done wonderful, we get a big dessert or something (this happens rarely). But if not no biggie, we just tackle it later on.

  3. BTW I meant to ask you how you got your new theme. I like it but I couldn’t find it in my themes. I am on the free account so maybe that is why? Did you upgrade or did you download this one and put it on here?

  4. I agree with Mrs. B.! It’s all in our minds, the work is still hateful perhaps, but it can be made in another way around that makes things easier. And magickal!

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