Long time no?

    I ended up taking another unannounced blogging break didn’t I?  I truly didn’t mean too.  So this is going to be an update rambling of a sorts.

    If you don’t know already Mrs. B. is having 31 Days of Halloween.  Everyday she’s hosting giveaways from different vendors.  Very very cool!

    Podcasts.  Anyone have a favorite? I listen to podcasts while I’m crocheting (Christmas/Yule gifts) and I can always use a good one.  Here’s a few that I listen too, at least their blogs, in no order:
    * The Dark Side of Fey
    * Catnip Brew
    * iPod Witch
    * The Broom Closet
    * The Secrets in Plain Sight!

   I listen to them on iTunes on my computer.  We’re working on getting that whole iPod thingy.  It’s a work in progress.

    Let’s see, what else has been happening… NaWriMo (National Writing Month) is in less than a month.  And scary enough I plan on participating. I don’t know yet if I’m going to actually sign up on the website but I do know I plan on writing it long hand, my hand does ache already thinking about it.  There is a NaBloPoMo, can you guess it?  National Blog Posting Month.  What won’t people think off?

    On my other blog, which has since become my family update blog, I had tried to do a Thursday Meme called “Odd Thursday”.  Where you would post on your blog talking or showing what you found odd that week.  Whether it was an object, idea or whatever.  Once you blogged about it on your blog you then would link onto Mr. Linky (doesn’t that sound ummm, naughty?) at my blog.  Does that sound interesting to anyone?  Would you participate?  Let me know, I’ll try it again here.

    Another thing I’ve been doing this past week in swapping.  I’m on this site called Swap-bot, where bunches of crafty and not so crafty get together and swap items and packages.  and guess what? I’m spiderlady over there as well.  It’s free to sign up and it’s a nice way to get items other than bills in your mailbox!

    Anyone know a good *free* place to get wordpress themes?  I’m not use to wordpress yet, and well, I don’t like this current theme.  It’s not *me* nor does is feel like *pagan homemaking* so alas….and the sites that I have found for themes, I have *no* idea how to use them.  How sad is that?

    Anyone feel updated yet? :))

    So yea, HI!!! And I promise to post like, tomorrow as well!


3 Responses

  1. I am definitely going to check out those podcasts! I find getting ones that are witchy-oriented quite tough, thank you for that.

    I’m doing the Soul Coaching book club/workshop that’s very pagan-oriented for the month of November for NaBloPoMo, it’s going to help a lot and you are welcome to join us! The book is just $10 at amazon, I’m going to try and get it through my library though, LOL.

    Glad you’re back! It’s good to take blogging breaks here and there, very healthy.

  2. Blogging Breaks are a good thing!I should probably take one lol.

    Thanksfor the podcasts! I am going to check them out and see if anything sparks interest. I have been looking for some to put on my Zune.

    Check out the wordpress forums. It isvery helpful for finding out how to do things on WordPress. I will say that if your on the free account I do not think you can put in a theme from elsewhere but have to use the theme’s they have. But check out the forums, I might be wrong. When your in your dashboard you will see a link at the top right hand corner for Forums.

  3. Seeing your entry pop up in our WordPress control panel to say you linked to us led us to find this delightful blog. Thank you Meg for enjoying our show!

    Much love,
    Fortuna and Fluffy

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