Gods – Goddess’s

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet. ~William Shakespeare

Oy! I have come to realize other than saying “Goddess and Consort” I do not have a name for my deities. While I know I don’t need a name, it makes you – me – most feel closer to their deity of choice.

The Greek pantheon has always held great interest for me mainly because of the human nature of them. They loved, hated, cheated and just plain lived.

Then you add my fascination with the Egyptian gods. I love their, well at this moment I can’t put into words exactly what draws me to them but they do. As do their pharaohs but that’s another post.

Such is the life of a fledgling witch. So what pantheon do you worship (if you do)? What drew you to them?

Herb of the Day:

Common Name: Balm of Gilead

Botanical Name: Commiphora opobalsamum

Planetary Ruler: Venus

Elemental Ruler: Water

Magic Uses: Healing, Mental Powers, and Protection


4 Responses

  1. as you know because we have discussed it I follow a genral Lord and Lady. during certen spell work or ritual(not that I do them offten) I will call on certian goddesss or gods that specialize in that area.

  2. I don’t worship any pantheon, as I use to sy, I like going straight to the top of the pyramid, and pray straight to the Goddess & the God, together. But I am fond of Gaia, as another face of the Goddess, being the Earth itself, and also Brigid, for the healing and creativity nature of hers.
    But whatever makes you feel comfortable with, it’s ok. Both Egypt and Greek pantheons are beautifully represented.

    Your Gods photos are sweet!

    Kisses from Nydia.

  3. I pay worship to Isis and Osiris when I am doing my own meditations and rituals at home. When I go to public ritual I honor the Lord and Lady along with everyone else. I have been obsessed with Ancient Egypt since I was 9. It only felt natural for me to worship them. After spending years trying to be “normal” and worship the Christian God, as soon as I first meditated and spoke with Isis and Osiris I then felt at home.

    BTW your not the only fledgling. I first came to grips with my pagan self about 5 years ago. I am still on the path of learning!

  4. I have never agreed with teh ‘all gods are one god’ theory.. Nor do I follow a generic ‘lord and lady’..
    I follow the norse gods.. I do not ‘call on them’ or use them in ritual or spellwork.. I simply honor them and pray to them..

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