Pagan Parenting

Surfing the web today trying to find something that grabbed me to blog about, I came to realize something.  Pagan parenting is a very small subject.  While I agree every child/person needs to find their own path, it doesn’t hurt to introduced a young child to religion.
So today, with it being such a nice day here, we went outside for most of the day.  We played with lady bugs, jumped in leaves and tried to build a fairy house.  I say tried because Lil Miss kept pulling up the sticks.  Then we popped popcorn (in the air popper) to feed the birds and squirrels (much to Bud’s enjoyment).  There are a couple of website for pagan kids, one is Elsie & Pooka which was reconmmended by NydiaMrs. B. does have a section for Pagan Parenting.  Mrs. B. is also starting a blog ring for pagan parents of special need kids, you should check it out.  And you can’t forget Broomstix, an online magazine for pagan kids.  So while there are places online for pagan parents and kids alike, there aren’t many.  Maybe someday that will change.  Have a great day everyone!

Common Name: 
Botanical Name:  Helianthus annuus
Planetary Ruler:  Sun
Elemental Ruler:  Fire
Magickal Uses:  Fertility
Great link here.  Scroll down to the bottom, it’s the last one.


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  1. My Son Has Gotten used to Diversity , He has more holidays than anyone else i know his age. The Basic American Holidays , The Festivals , His Great Grandparents are Jewish So Tack on a Few More.

    I Won’t Try and Influence Him in any way , I Will support him no matter what he chooses , but my 100% Anti Christian Husband May not do the same.

    I encourage Tolerance.
    He unfourtunatley is not as tolerant of a few different things (my husband). So Far we haven’t clashed. Pagan Parenting Does seem so hard , exspecially when you have to pretty much hide it from the public (at least that is how i feel , i have lived in states where a freinds child was taken away because he was a pagan , they saw him as mentally unfit for beliveing in magic *Sigh*)

  2. I agree with moonwisesprite, it is hard when you feel like you have to hide it. I am in Western NC and although I live in one hell of a diverse area, there is alot of ignorance and bigotry. My son’s daycare found out (its a baptist church) and they have been very nice but you can tell they are happy to have the pagan womans child. Sometimes I am afraid of allowing any of the parents of my children’s friends know I am pagan. They haven’t figured it out on their own yet….which amazes me cause I have books all over the place and tons of little statuettes on my table tops. I might not advertise it outside my house but I refuse to put things away just cause I have company coming over! We celebrate both Christian and Pagan holidays in our household, not that there is much difference. My husband is a Presbyterian although he no longer attends church. We have agreed that our children will be taught about our religions and about any others we can get information on. I would rather they be well educated while finding their path. Sine my girls are older and read well beyond their peers all of my books are open for them to read. I recently got a Kitchen Witchery book since they love to create things, I am going to show them how to do their own magickal creations.

    Thanks for the links, I plan on introducing them to my girls soon.

  3. I am fortunate enough to be in a position where I am quite comfortable “out of the broom closet”. My friends and neighbors have accepted my religious beliefs as well as I accept theirs.

    My family celebrates all the Pagan holidays, most of the Christian ones, with a few others thrown in (we have a large collection of dreidels!) My husband is a lapsed Catholic who is completely supportive of my choices. I am not raising the kids as strictly Pagan, but allowing them the option to come to their own choices (as my parents did with me). I would, I admit, be thrilled if they chose to walk the pagan path!

    I do include them in everything that they show an interest in. There are rituals they choose to participate in, and some that they don’t. My daughter definitely shows more interest than either of my sons.

    Gah! I could talk on this subject for hours, lol!

  4. I have the feeling that in some years there will be much more paga parenting sites…

    Lucas will always be free to choose his own spiritual path, but as you said, it does ot hurt to introduce him to my religion. He simply loves participating in every celebration/ritual/prayer I make at home, and I even posted about it here:
    I don’t hide my choices but I don’t go shouting out loud about it either, I just live my life respecting others’. Loved the fairy house idea! Gonna try it with Lucas if our crazy weather is ok this weekend.

    Kisses from Nydia.

  5. You are definitely on to something stating that pagan parenting is a small group. Well so is pagan homeschooling. Thanks for bringing this information to light. I look forward to reading more of your blogs!!

  6. It is difficult to find information on pagan parenting. When I was pregnant I was searching for articles about maiden to mother, and pagan parenting issues. There is a lack, many are trying to fill it. Recently Lydia M. Crabtree wrote about her “family coven” on the Witch’s Voice.
    I found this interesting as a concept and despite the fact that my husband is not pagan, I think we will use many of the ideas in our family planning. Crabtree is releasing a book on this topic soon.

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