Food, lovely food!

Preserving your harvest. Or at least the food from the grocery store!

Photo from david_shankbone

So, are you wondering what you can freeze? The quick and simple answer? You can freeze anything. The proper answer? You can freeze anything with the correct preparation.

According to the USDA frozen foods remain safe indefinitely. The recommended storage times they give are for quality only. So that single package of hamburger from the 70’s grandma has in her freezer? Still good. Nutritionally speaking at least. Taste and texture may be off, but the nutrient value is still there.

Photo from Stevie-B

The National Center for Home Food Preservation (whoa, what a mouth full!) has a list on how to freeze most everything. They also have plenty of links on how to can, dry, cure & smoke, etc. I’ve never done any of that, although I do plan on it next fall, (you know after I get to have a garden this coming spring).

Since we moved here to North Dakota I haven’t been able to buy bell peppers because I’m not going to pay $1.50 for 1.  Not happening, so last month when they went on sale 2 for $1, you better believe I stocked up.  What I do is I chop them up and put that into a freezer bag.  Add frozen peppers to any meal you want without  thawing. Too easy!

Herb of the Day
Common Name: Basil
Botanical Name: Ocimum basilicum
Planetary Ruler: Mars
Elemental Ruler:  Fire
Magickal Uses:   Money, Peace, and Purification
Food Uses:  Pesto, Seasoning in spaghetti and pizza

Have a good day!!


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  2. We like freezing our weekly basic food (beans, meat) so it’s “fresh” and we don’t have to make it every single day. Oh, I love basil, what a powerful herb! I have four types at our little garden, and pesto i a mst!

    Loved this post, really informative with the link you prvidede.

    Kisses from Nydia.

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