No I haven’t forgotten about the tools, I just still need to organize my words on the next one.  So tonight (yea, tonight.  Night time is the only time I get to blog), we’re going to talk about rituals.  Me, myself, don’t use rituals in the traditional sense.  I can’t get around my inner bully saying it’s silly and that I look stupid.  Believe me I’m working on it.

But I did find something online that I wanted to share with you.  The ritual creation worksheet.
It’s a free PDF from A Path.
The worksheet is 7 pages long but it details everything you need.  It goes from start to finish, so you don’t have to worry about getting in the middle and realizing you forgot about something important.  (can you realize I don’t do rituals yet?)

What rituals do you do?  Ever get the feeling like you are being silly?


4 Responses

  1. Wow, the worksheet is really neat! It would be great for adding to your BOS as a record of the work you do to look back on and see what has manifested from it.

    For myself, I only do full blown rituals on occasion. I used to do them a lot more when I was new to the path, and still excited by all the trappings. And, yes, there were times that I started off feeling silly. But then, as I would ask the god and goddess to join me in my circle, and I would feel the magic in the room, and all feelings of self consciousness would just go away, and I’d be totally in the moment.

    I do a full blown ritual on the sabbats, or if I really want to connect with deity about something. Not that often. I’m much more likely to just light a candle and say a prayer. Less time consuming (too many kids and obligations to take hours planning and performing anything longer, lol!) and simpler.

    I think I will copy the worksheet for my sabbats, though, as a record of what I’ve done. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ritual has made me feel silly from time to time. For me when the words or actions did not ring true I felt silly. To deal with that I don’t stick to scripts from texts too much. I’ll write in a passage that I love and then just feel out the rest. But honestly I don’t do tons of elaborate ritual. My busy life gets in the way, to combat that I try to work everything around me into my spiritual life. So while I may not get to a ritual for a Sabbat I can look at my season pillows or read a small passage from a ritual and feel connection in that moment.

  3. I Don’t tend to do a whole ot of rituals ,bbut when i do they are done quickly and without much pomp , If i need protection increased in the house , i just ask the hub to take me to the park and i pick some plant bits i need , blend them with some basic supplies i keep on hand at home and spread them about the house , my rituals become more unpomped tasks to me.

    I beleive as long as your faith is strong all will work , sometimes just a little sympathetic magic helps keep you from wavering.

  4. I like keeping things very simple in rituals. I simply can’t go on memorizing long passages or anything of the kind – it doens’t come from my heart Better to improvise. I just open the circle, inviting the gods to join us as well as the guardians of the elements. Or better, my son does it, he loves opening the circle. I agree with Mrs. B., many times I just lit a cnadle and say a prayer to the goddess and to the god. But for the sabbaths I like decorating the ltar and making my little ritual so Lucas can join in.

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