Day 4 of tools

The Book of Shadows:   The book of shadows contains rituals, spells, recipies, contact lists, failed experiments, areas that need investigation, and anything else that seems worth recording. It is the written record of that person’s or coven’s search for God and Goddess.

Leather Grimoire from Sacred Mists

In this day and age a person’s Book of Shadows or Grimoire, can either be handwritten or online – in say a blog?  It is a place to write down what spells work or don’t work for you.  What herbs work or don’t.  What you hope to achieve with a certain ritual, even what you wish to reach for down the road.  You may also put pictures, dried flowers, quotes and poems that speak to you.  There is no set way to have your book of shadows, no one can say that you are wrong because, you are not.  What may work for them, may not for you.

Wooden Book of Shadows from JstWitchyWares

You don’t have to spend tons of money on a book of shadows, but you do want something that will last through handling, writing – everything you may throw at it.  You can start in a plain ol’ notebook and save up for a heavy duty one that you copy into.  Don’t feel you have to start right away by buying one, just grab a piece of paper and start!

Herb of the day:  Balm of Gilead
Botanical Name:  Commiphora opobalsamum
Planetary Ruler:  Venus
Elemental Ruler:  Water
Magical uses:  Healing, Mental Powers, and Protection


4 Responses

  1. I don’t really have one of these, wish I did! What a treasure it would be. Most of my info is on printouts in binders, not very pretty but it works.

  2. I often find that my home management binders (the many of them ) wind up being my BOS as well. I do COllect things horridly fast. 🙂

  3. I just finished taking a year and a day class for solitarys in our local comunity.
    we were taught instead of making a BOS we were taught to create a BOK(book of knowledge) first. and to save the BOS which is more for coven ritual and rules. or to wait till we were certain that we wanted it in the BOS.
    and as survivalwoman stated yes 3 ring binders make the best BOK
    love and light

  4. 3 ring binders rock! 🙂 That’s the best ay for me as well. Mine is a black one and has a starry cover with a ziper, so it’s always neat. Those books are awesome but wouldn’t work for me, I keep adding pages…

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