Day 3 of Tools and an Apology

I need to apologize for the lack of posting on my part.  I need to push myself to not lose my momentum with this blog.  I want, no I need, to keep this going.  Finding my muse and being able to hear her are proving a little hard, but believe me, we’ll get there.  Now on to our tools:


A container used to contain a hot coal for burning incense. This is best
made from a fire resistant or fire proof material. There are even one that hang from a chain.

The incense
itself represents the element of Air while the fire (charcoal)
represents Fire. The combination of these two elements are used to
purify ritual areas, other tools or the circle itself.

I’m use to using one like this:

But wouldn’t mind one of these:

Btw: All the burners shown above are sold at Sacred Mists Shoppe

I have yet to buy anything from there, but I truly love their prices! (No this is not a paid advertisement).

Along with using incense for rituals and purifying, they are great for making your home smell nice.  You can store your incense in air tight containers, I recommend each scent in their own bags to keep them separated, you can build a nice collection to have on hand – so you have the scent along with the herbal – magic when needed.

Herb of the Day:

Dragon’s Blood : otherwise know as Daemonorops draco
Planetary Ruler:  Mars
Elemental Ruler: Fire
Magical Uses: Purification

On a side note, I must say I love Dragon’s Blood as an incense, but alas had to stop burning incense because my husband’s allergies would act up everytime.  So now I use an oil burner which can be used the same way (mostly) as incense, I have just yet to find decent priced oils.  Oy, the joys of budgets!

Blessed be!


4 Responses

  1. If you like using oils, you can make them yourself! They won’t be quite as intense as the essential oils that you buy at the store, but they will be much less expensive and you can create your own special blends.

    Just start with a carrier oil (I like sunflower oil), a clean jar with a lid, and any herb or flower that you like. I’ve done this with roses, sunflowers, lavender and just about any herb you could think of!

    Fill the jar loosely with the plant matter. Pour in oil to completely cover the flowers or herbs. Put in a sunny window for a couple of weeks. Then drain out the plants through a cheesecloth. Viola! If you want to up the intensity, you can change the plant matter every few days – fill a new jar with flowers or herbs and drain the oil from the first jar into it.

    If you do it with rosemary and olive oil, it also make a delicious dip for bread ;O)

  2. I’m not much of a muse, but I do enjoy reading our blog..
    So there is one reason to keep going 🙂

  3. You do need to keep this blog! 🙂 I know how hard it is sometimes to keep the discipline & time & energy to post regularly, but if you do it at least once or twice a week, it becomes a habit… and an addiction… and then you’re doomed! Forever blogging and getting to know new cool people, exchanging informations and experiences. Way to go, Spiderlady, I feel a long future for this page…

    Kisses and bright blessings from Nydia.

  4. please don’t lose momentum , I am overjoyed to find another of my kind . LOL

    I an a Truly Nature based undefined pagan , IN Place of a an inscence burner i keep Shells , Peices of slate and bowl shaped rocks , I also keep a collectoin of hand harvest pine , cedar , sweet grass sage and other herbs for burning and smudgeing , i do so love inscences , but i also love the smell of cedar smudge so much 🙂

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