Pagan Pride Day

I’m cheating tonight because I have dead brain.  With Pagan Pride days happening later this month around the country, are you participating? Whether as a vendor or as a shopper?  Let me know!  I get to live through my readers this year because there isn’t a Pagan Pride day event within decent driving distance from me.


3 Responses

  1. Pagan Pride day? I have never heard of this before, that’s the coolest. I’m in! When is it? LOL.

  2. I just moved to my area , Iowa and havn’t even made any friends here yet , the netoworking site for iowa seems mostly dead. I wish that pagan pride was more publisized.

    Its a lonley world where I am

  3. here in arizona(phoenix) our pagan pride day is
    Oct 18th this year. this is the 7th year running….yeah.
    I am not vending this year but we have been helping out alot. we made 2 large banners to help point the way for people. we are also donating a BOS with the green man on poplar wood for the raffles.
    And I am helping in the spirit room …which a bunch of diffrent people will be giving free 10 minute readings using diffrent forms of readings wheater it be runes, tarot ect. and there will also be healers(thats where I am) to do healings on people.

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