Home Altar

For me, just moving into a new home my first priority was my kitchen. Having my kitchen set up made the house, home.

From flickr, chatiryword

From flickr, chatiryword

My kitchen is my home altar. It is where I meditate and work out frustrations.  There is nothing better than kneading bread or whisking eggs to get all your pent up emotions out.  If I were to show you a picture of my kitchen it would show a mess.  And yet, I have a full pantry, fridge and freezer.

Our family altar is above the entertainment center.  We have our pictures of family, both here and those afar.  We have our sweet smelling candles that bring a smile to both our faces and hearts – ( along with giggles of kids trying to blow them out).  It is a place to look upon and smile with remembrance of those close to our hearts.

I have yet to set up my personal altar as of yet but it is coming along.  When I see a piece that calls to me, I pick it up for the day comes to set my altar up.  It’s coming, I feel it nudging me along.

Children also set up their altars, although you and I might not consider them as such.  Daily my son will gather all the shoes in the house, and set them up in a way that is “perfect” for him.  Some days it is on the couch and others in a chubby hole on the entertainment center.  He will leave them there “perfect” most of the day, adjusting as he deems fit.  Until his sister tries to “help”, and then his altar gets moved.

Do you have a home or personal altar?  What does it look like? How does it make you feel?  Do your children have an altar?  Please let me know!


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  1. I love the feel of your blog! I’m a pagan who is a solitary and my home is my castle. I have my altar in my crafting room which can get a little cluttered, LOL. I make a lot of magick in my kitchen though, I love cooking and baking. I found you through Nydia’s blog! 🙂 Have a great weekend.

  2. I think you are off to such a great start with your new blog, I left you a little something over on mine!

  3. Great topic! My altar is on my living room table. I have a few things put up that I pull out but my egyptian statuettes are always right there. I love having it right there because even though I may not be setting aside magickal time, I still feel the presence of Osiris and Isis.

  4. I really enjoyed reading your blog 🙂

    I have more of a room than an alter.. I have a room with one wall covered with built in shelves.. I have a prayer table, my daughter (12) has her prayer table and I have the rest of the room for meditation.. I just finished it a few days ago.. You are welcome to visit my blog and see the picture.. The blog post is titled “rooms”.. Just scroll down..
    I have added your blog to your blog list.. Hope you don’t mind.. I’ll be back!

  5. I have enjoyed reading your blog this morning. I have a dance ritual room that has one area with my altar and then i found a great rug with spirals on it recently that i put in there on the floor.

  6. My Home altar is a set of bookshelves in my bedroom , my husband is a messy man , but even he knows not to set things on my shelves. They Hold My Books , on pagan topics, my home management binders (I have Many) , My Magical Implements and Memory objects , during the spring they become sprouting tables for my garden seeds ,and a safe haven for my cacti and succulents in the winter (they are located directly under large windows). My Altar is My worktable to me , where i learn , plan and create abundance for my family. 🙂

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