Day 6. Polyamory


What a topic right? As I alluded to yesterday, I can’t talk about all that goes on in my life without first bringing up some non-PC topics. Polyamory is one of those.

First a quick description:

Polyamory (from Greek πολύ [poly], meaning “many” or “several”, and Latinamor, “love”) is the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved

I have my Hubby, and I also have my boyfriend. It’s work. A whole lot more than I had thought. But I wouldn’t change it. Now the boyfriend is new, going on 4 weeks. But with bringing in the boyfriend it has helped mine and my Hubby’s relationship as well.

Here’s another term for you:

Skin Hunger:

Skin hunger is a relatively new term that has been applied to the emotional response engendered by the loss of touch in our society. One of the five basic senses, touch is the only one deemed essential to human life. During WW II babies in orphanages developed Failure to thrive or even died when deprived of human contact

Both my Hubby and the boyfriend have great big heaps of skin hunger. I don’t, and never really have. It comes to my past, but because of those two I’m learning to be open and able to handle touch.

Yes, polyamory isn’t for everyone. Am I going to try and convince you to try it? No. Everyone has lifestyle of their own, and you must live your own life.

Day 5 and not a whole lot.

I do have a list of possible blogs to talk about, it’s just sitting down and writing about them correctly. Mainly because they aren’t all that politically correct.

Had parent-teacher conferences tonight. Both kids are doing good, which is awesome.

Book fair was also tonight, each kid was able to get a book. When I saw a book that had a duck on the front, I asked Loki, “Do you want a duck book?”  He got a huge grin on his face and kinda did a bouncy dance. That kid loves ducks. It’s funny but in a private joke way.  Way too much information for me to share online. Sorry folks.

Hrmmm, let’s see. Until I write one of the other scheduled posts, I can’t fully explain all that is going on in my life. Soon thou.

Alrighty folks, have a good one!

Day 3 and 4

Sorry about not posting yesterday, but sadly there wasn’t time. We went grocery shopping in the morning, and when we got home it was off to work for me. I didn’t get home until after 8pm. 

So here’s a quick post. I was going to wait until after work today but in doing that there was a possiblity I wouldn’t post at all so, yea.

This morning I’ve already did dishes, put dinner in the crock-pot. We’re having Creamy Ham and Potatoes. It’s a very yummy recipe. Even my mother-in-law requested the recipe. I kinda double/what not the recipe. I like to fill the crock-pot. There’s never any leftovers.


Sunday Sites.

1. How to create realistic fake eyeballs.

2. Cranberry Lime Vodka. Yummy sounding and would make a great gift.

3. Cake prank. I so plan on doing this to someone soon!

4. Selecting a first handgun. It’s a youtube video but still important.


There we go. Have a good one everyone!

Day 2 and more Ramblings

Day 2 of trying to write everyday. I’m going to have to do some research to figure out what I’m going to write, because my life isn’t very exciting. And I’m very glad about that.

I was rereading past posts of mine, and I came to realize I posted a lot about things I didn’t do in my life.  This is a pagan homemaking (ish) blog but I hate homemaking. I hate cleaning. I hate dishes. The whole works. I really hate schedules.  Tell me what needs to be done by such and such time and it’ll get done. I just like doing it on my time and my way.

Anyways, I do need to figure out some way to get more energy during the day. And more sleep in my actual bed at night. My youngest, Loki, is still waking up at night. He’s 20 months old but doesn’t change the fact.  And because the Hubby works in construction, I get up with the kids at night.  He could and would if I asked him to, but I have the “luxury” of being home during the day so I could sleep if wanted. He doesn’t.  His co-workers have always been jealous of that fact.

Well, there day 2 is done. Maybe tomorrow will be a better blog worthy day.

NaBloPoMo 2012

Life can be quite interesting, can’t it? My last post on this blog was back in July 2011. I could use a bunch of excuses of why I haven’t posted, but I won’t. We’ll start anew.

NaBloPoMo 2012 ~ While I do want to do NaWriPoMo (write 50,000 word novel in the month of November) I don’t think I can just yet. So trying to blog everyday in the month of November? I think I can do that.

Halloween was last night, and I still ache from the walking around. I went in drag, but with heels. And I had a Beyblade battler (my oldest), a unicorn (the DD) and a blue ninja (youngest). The kids made a good haul and had tons of fun.

Thanksgiving is later this month. I love Thanksgiving because of all the food. As much as I’m glad to not live near family (lack of drama), I miss ALL THE FOOD! That living around family during the holidays bring.

The hubby is awesome. That man is doing work full time ~ concrete construction ~ and is going to school online full time.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Long Break~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sorry, had to break up fights between the youngest two, answer the phone, make know mommy stuff.

Anyways as I was saying. My Hubby is awesome, with all that he has to do, he still has time to play with the kids, cuddle with me and overall has no complaints.

So yea. There we go!


With summer *finally* here, it’s been nice to get outside without having to bundle up. Thou this is my first summer with an infant. I can’t sit in the sun myself because of him. Loki is only 4 months old so I can’t put sunblock on him yet. So we stay in the shade. The older two love the sun. We’re lucky that our neighbor has an above ground pool that they are able to swim in.
Plans for the week are to get the house cleaned and get stuff packed for this weekend. We’re driving to MIL’s for the 4th. They haven’t met Loki yet so I guess it’s time.

New ‘Do